Customer Testimonials

What did you like best about Dryer Vent Wizard of the Greater North Bay Area?

Consumer Response was overwhelming...The Greater North Bay Wizard is unmatched for excellent customer service and professional workmanship.

The following are verbatim customer responses from research that American Ratings Corporation conducted between 9/4/08 and 9/16/08. Customer last names have been initialized for privacy.
"Their expertise and cost" —Joanna A.
"She was really accommodating. She was willing to come back and check something after we got a new dryer." —Kristin A.
"She was very thorough. She explained everything she was doing." —Desiree A.
"She did what she said she was going to do." —Marti A.
"They did the job well." —Einar A.
"They were interested in what they were doing. I appreciated the work, the interest they took in it, and them showing me what it was they were doing and why. I thought they did a very good job. We had a very difficult situation here, but they handled it very professionally." —Darrell B.
"Efficient and friendly" —Charles B.
"Their attitude was positive, they were very nice, and the workmanship was excellent. They did an excellent job." —Barbara B.
"I liked that the woman who was in charge really knew what she was talking about. Overall, I was very happy with their service." —Shekeyna B.
"I liked that they figured out what was wrong. They were really professional, nice, and fair. They even charged me less than what they said it would cost originally. They sent me a letter afterwards about what they had done and what they had discounted." —Marguerite B.
"They were friendly, thorough, and they solved a potential fire hazard." —Cecilia B.
"I thought they did a nice job for me. I am a satisfied customer." —Esther B.
"They are very professional and caring. They know their business." —Eva B.
"They knew what they were doing, and they did what I needed done. It was great." —Tracy B.
"They knew their business. They did a good job." —Ed C.
"Friendly, courteous, and very helpful" —Sandra C.
"I was extremely satisfied. They were prompt, reasonable, and courteous. They were just wonderful all the way around." —Tyler C.
"They came in, assessed my problem, and told me about the corrections that I needed. They also gave me an upfront estimate." —Gay C.
"They came up with a solution that nobody else did and executed it well." —Judy C.
"It was just so wonderful that they could put in a rigid type vent at a reasonable price. They were clean, neat, and friendly. They were great." —Kathy C.
"They solved a real problem that I had. They did it cheerfully, they stuck with it until they solved the problem, and the serviceman had a great attitude. I thought they did a great job." —Ted C.
"They were very thorough." —Michael D.
"They were efficient, and they solved my problem. They did a great job." —Kandice D.
"I felt that they were excellent problem solvers. They found solutions to my problems." —Angela D.
"Whatever they're doing, they're doing it right. They are good at what they do." —Marcy D.
"They were very professional. They tried everything, and our dryer ended up working. They figured out the problem right away. They are top of the line." —Janet F.
"I liked their professionalism and concern about providing quality work. They went that proverbial extra mile. I was really impressed with the service." —Steve F.
"They got here promptly. They were also very neat and tidy." —Janet G.
"They were very thorough." —Jenny G.
"They were a little late, but they called to let me know. They were efficient, and they explained things to me carefully." —Emily G.
"They just did a good job. I really liked that they cleaned up after themselves." —Gary H.
"Their professionalism and excellent communication skills" —Michael H.
"Prompt, they gave me an estimate, and they got the work done quickly." —Peter H.
"They were very thorough, very professional, knowledgeable, and friendly. I thought they were great." —Jennifer H.
"They were very knowledgeable, courteous, and extremely efficient. They really knew how to do the job. I really liked them. They were really good." —Beth H.
"Rhonda is very knowledgeable. Both she and Ron were very thorough. They were very upfront as well. They took pictures, showed us what needed to be done, they gave a valid estimate, and I really liked their customer service. I thought they were great." —Allison H.
"They were thorough." —Catherine H.
"They got the job done. They did fine for me." —Bruce H.
"They knew what they were doing. I was happy that they were the ones that came out." —Sarah H.
"They were knowledgeable. I was very satisfied." —Cheri J.
"Their customer service was great." —Laurie J.
"They were prompt and did good work." —David K.
"Competence, they knew what they were doing. They were also very professional." —Dennis K.
"They show up on time, and they follow through." —Nicole L.
"Their knowledge" —Marie L.
"I thought that they were very thorough and honest." —Steve L.
"They were really friendly and informative." —Coleen L.
"Their customer service, and they are very personable." —Sandra L.
"They were very responsive and very thorough." —Evelyn L.
"They were clean, polite, and they did a good job. They got it done quickly." —Janice L.
"They were very friendly and efficient. I thought they did a really good job." —Ann L.
"Quick response" —Jennet L.
"They are honest and efficient. They are just wonderful." —Ethel L.
"They were very informative about what type of vent I needed and also with precautionary measures." —Robert M.
"They are wonderful. I would recommend them to anybody. They want to satisfy their customers, not themselves. They are friendly, and they want to make it work for you. I was really happy with them." —Marlene M.
"They were personable, and they seemed to know what they were doing." —Carol M.
"Everything, they were thorough, friendly, very efficient, and they went the extra mile." —Eugenie M.
"They knew what they were doing. They improved the system that I have. They were neat, and I appreciated the information that they gave me. I was amazed at the amount of lint they got out." —Stephanie M.
"Their personalities were fine." —Keith M.
"They knew what they were doing. I was satisfied with the work they did." —Doug M.
"They were very accommodating, and I liked the quality of the work that they did. I had an unusual dryer situation, but they came up with a solution for it. I thought they were really good." —Brian M.
"They were on time, personable, clean, and they tried to get me the best price. I also liked their work." —Amelia M.
"Their efficiency and knowledge" —Steven O.
"I liked the lady. She was really friendly." —Kathy P.
"They do a good job." —Nick P.
"They just did a really good job in a relatively quick amount of time." —Sidney P.
"They did a good job." —Scott P.
"I liked their efficiency, the fact that they came a long way, and I felt they were honest. I appreciated that." —Bonnie P.
"They were outstanding and very professional." —Michael R.
"Their thoroughness and friendliness" —Matthew R.
"I had a lot of information about maintenance, and they were very prompt. I was quite satisfied." —Marilyn R.
"They were very thorough and professional. They just knew what they were talking about. They did a very good job. They did a better job than other companies we had worked with. They gave us a feeling of comfort, and they knew what they were talking about." —Nicole R.
"They were quick. They were pretty good." —Mike R.
"I thought they were very professional. They left everything nice and clean. They were also very good about explaining what needed to be done." —Gail S.
"They were fast, neat, and clean." —Gerald S.
"I thought the work they did was excellent. They were very competent, and they worked hard." —Barbara S.
"The service and the people that came out, I thought everything was great." —Kathy S.
"They were very thorough, and they did exactly what they said they were going to do. They also charged exactly what they said they were going to charge." —Phillip S.
"They were very prompt." —Kim S.
"They were very thorough, efficient, and reliable." —Albert S.
"They were nice, courteous, and they explained a lot of things to me as they went along. I was never confused at all." —Wanda S.
"They seemed trustworthy." —Patricia S.
"The service was really good. They gave me a price and completed the work within an hour." —Fred S.
"They seemed very honest. They looked out for my best interest." —Kristin S.
"I thought they were very friendly, knowledgeable, clean, and professional. They seemed to really know what they were doing. I was appreciative of the fact that they left everything clean." —Caroline T.
"They are very nice people, and they seem to know what they are doing." —Wilma T.
"The whole show, they were professional, and they did the job. I was truly satisfied." —Fran T.
"When she came out, she was efficient and completed the job." —Laurie T.
"They did a good job. They were also friendly." —Donna T.
"Their personal service" —Sue U.
"They were prompt, professional, and they knew what they were doing. They were pretty good." —Lynn W.
"They did what I needed them to do." —Hilary W.
"They were on time." —Maryanne W.
"They are very friendly and easy to talk to. Their price is very competitive. They also have a lifetime warrantee after the first service. I think they are wonderful." —Xiaoyun W.
"They were very professional, they explained everything, and they were very nice people." —Catherine W.
"I liked her follow-up and detail. They did an awesome job. I recommend them highly." —C.R.P.M.
"Promptness" —Virginia
"They were helpful." —E.S.H.

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